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I have some stories here (or search for man Wizz Wizzard ). SH has a lot of fun over the years I have probably a member of the site and yesterday was the best.... Here's why : a photo that had responded to an ad for some time. She wanted a big man, big cock. She ( Jill) wanted to be fucked hard while her husband watched. I have a couple finehub of three in the past but has never been observed only. I applied and came back, which is finehub something of interest. Frustrating it was a bit quieter and I took other precautions had gathered, but to my surprise, I found Mr. ( I call him Jack) while browsing through here yesterday. chatted it turned out that she feels bad, and did not feel like recently, but she was very interested. I suggested a meeting and make a long story short, that convinced that it will be the same night. Wow, the immediate emotion, not made ​​plans for a date night at a time. I was already hard. The images show a beautiful finehub body, small, orce the figure, clean cut, pussy, irresistible, indeed! I agreed to arrive at 21:00 and ran with all my heart, I went to the address that was parked and knocked on the door of the neat little row house in a nice neighborhood. Jack came to the door with a smile and ushered me into the living room where Jill sat down and really cute when a finehub little nervous. That made ​​us both nervous system before, I think.... I would like to work under pressure? Bloody hope so! After a few jokes, a glass of water, he told my dry mouth ( I was nervous and driving as well) to make it easier, just ' right, we all go up?'. Jill was in a loose white dress right, which only a shadow of his court white, tall, lace thong, her bare legs smooth and hair, wearing nothing else could see. I followed up two flights, the attic room, with Jack following quietly behind her and how she came to his side, Jack was placed on top of the stairs and saw her (5'3 ', small) on his knees in bed and started to kis. sing with me (. 6'6 ' and fit 16pcs ) Minty Fresh Her mouth was, it smelled sweet, and they were all soft and greasy, as if he really ready for a shower and lotion well -. put my arms around his small frame and pulled her towards me, lifted her dress and put my hands on her smooth tight ass, pressed the feeling of his hard and smooth curves. her breasts on my chest and felt nervous, but relaxed, and I also could feel my cock begin immediately to life. s that lifted her dress over finehub her head and threw him aside, took a step back and saw her bold beautiful breasts, flat stomach, a few nice subtle tattoos, one on the left side of her pussy and a bit. We kissed again before it gets off, undoing his belt and jeans, pulled down and let my cock swollen and his mouth expert and swallowed me, until it was hard. s finehub I had to lie, because a. I did not want even want to cum ! and b. I wanted a sweet, cute bunny. finehub was carefully preparedr me, clean and fresh and smells wonderful, but the humidity and mold in the expectation of sex, which was his distraction at work all afternoon. I pushed my tongue inside, licking, touching, and denied it again with my attentions. wanted are fucked, got up and lit before bed, where he was on his knees, his ass and went to my cock, made ​​his entrance, slightly changed, all the way to the bottom, as she moaned. 'Oh, I did! It feels so full. ' Her tight pussy felt like it was tailor-made, warm and small, yet accommodating my full 8 inches thick and scale in his little body in the form . I threw back the slide back to make sure that deep down, and fuck like Jack finehub had his pictures, and masturbated. It felt so good, they wanted me to fuck her hard and increased the pace and power, until she screamed and moaned and said, 'Fuck me, finehub fuck me hard, I want your milk. ' Jack asked me to fill it for him to have a warm smooth moments after it finished, and exploit my stress accumulated throughout the day can indside. Rarely cum so hard that I felt the cum shoot out of me, at least four drives, and then injected the embers of a great orgasm, intense. She went to the front and the smile on his face was reflected in the leer of his release. We decided a long time and leave, I know I speak, I wanted to fuck finehub her shortly after she was gone. I would have very well oiled ! I asked him to let me know if you ever want me back, and today I had finehub a text saying to me, invited me to come back. intensively, I later came around 21:00 and went 45 minutes. 45 minutes easy, fun, exciting. Thanks Jill, and thank God for the SH. I love it!
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Lundi 14 mai 1 14 /05 /Mai 10:49

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